2021-05-14 Blender LineArt Meeting

Notes for Blender LineArt meeting on Friday, 14 May 2021. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #grease-pencil-module on blender.chat.


Sebastian Parborg
Falk David
Matias Mendiola
Aleš Jelovčan
Antonio Vazquez


  • D11130 done.

  • Sebastian comments we may begin some very early stage of researching:

    • Smooth contour integration.
    • GPU LineArt.
  • First is necessary to work in cleanup and improve speed in general before to do new stuff. Multithread must be the first thing and this will prepare code for future GPU computation. If code cannot be multithreaded, then there is no point really to have it run on the GPU (as it will be slower).

  • Sebastian commented that the coded could also try what Falk suggested and try to rewrite the recursive “add_triangle” function to be iterative instead. Probably won’t make it that much faster, but it might make it easier to spot sections we can optimize.

  • Some concerns arise about to have too many changes in the branch. It would be better to keep a branch by feature.

Work done this week

  1. All last week targets achieved.
  2. Additional option for toggle geometry/image space chaining.
  3. Better handling of duplicated edge types.
  4. Floating edge chaining option for allowing sharp ends.

Next week targets

  1. Prepare patches for review to avoid too many code pending.
  2. Inner/Outer contour (silhouette) thing, needs a lot of work to get it running… tweaking algorithms.
  3. BVH for intersection (research, see how much improves).
  4. If have time then dot-dash in shader.