2021-05-10 Geometry Nodes sub-Module Meeting

Attending: Dalai Felinto, Hans Goudey, Jacques Lucke, Pablo Vazquez, Simon Thommes.

Agenda and notes for meeting at 14:00 CEST on blender.chat. Interested developers and artists are welcome to join.



  • Confirm priorities for the second half of the current sprint
    • Finishing material support.
    • Finishing curves for the nest use case.
    • Initial attribute list for non-point cloud geometries.
    • Technical design for the advanced attribute list.
    • Support Fabian on design feedback for the data-set region patch.
  • Discuss patches / design as necessary

Design Discussions

  • Delete Geometry vs. Geometry Delete
    • Delete Geometry it is.
    • Look into displaying menu entries in node search (e.g. “Mesh Primitives > Circle”).
  • Viewer Node
    • Why not to use Viewer Node instead of the per-node icon for the spreadsheet?
    • Including Ctrl+Select to cycle through the outputs.
    • There can be viewer nodes for attributes (or specific attribute drawing settings).
  • Attribute Removal and explicit persistent attributes
    • Why are the reasons we need an Attribute Removal node for?
    • Without a way to explicitly tell local/global attributes apart there is definitively a need for attribute removal.
    • It will be easier to reassess this after we have attribute processor – when the need for removal is less common.
    • Jacques and Hans think having local/global attributes (work vs stack data) may complicate things.
    • Attribute removal is secondary, the main topic is whether it should the separation between local and global attributes should be explicit (Dalai thinks so).
    • Ideas on where to make an attribute explicit (global):
      • Create Attribute Node ([x] persistent]).
      • Node Group Output node (list - or [x] all?])
      • Force them to be created outside (similar to how mushroom masks are required for nodetrees - and where node tools could help).
  • Selection vs. Mask
    • Selection is fine and Point Separate should follow suit.
  • Socket colors
    • Pablo will write exact colors in the task (T88176).

Next planning meeting: 2021-05-17 at 14:00 CEST on geometry-nodes on blender.chat.