2021-05-07 Blender LineArt Meeting

Notes for Blender LineArt meeting on Friday, 7 May 2021. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #grease-pencil-module on blender.chat.


Sebastian Parborg
Falk David
Matias Mendiola
Aleš Jelovčan
Antonio Vazquez


  • No progress with Icon design. Waiting for UI team answer/comments. It looks the target was moved to 3.0., so we keep old icon for 2.93 and change in next version.
  • Antonio commented that Draw Engine never can be customized for LineArt. LineArt is a modifier used in a grease pencil object an must use the same drawing logic.
  • YimingWu will update the patch D11130 to display new options only for LineArt objects.
  • B737 example file has missing files and neeed a review. YimingWu has sent a new file to Daniel.

Work done this week (YimingWu):

  1. Occlusion effectiveness for face material, now allows you to set faces to have 0-3 layers of equivalent occlusion (default off which is 1).
  2. Floating edge type now can be separately selected.
  3. Smoothing (remove jaggy points) of chains, strength/sensitivity configurable.
  • Also updated some entries to reflect on changes that further extends the developing process.T87739

Next week targets (YimingWu)

  • Fix D11130
  • Intersection selection method for when line art is in caching mode (otherwise it will select the whole scene).
  • Floating edge chaining needs some exceptions in algorithm.
  • Try list->array method for more lists in line art, if have more time investigate BVH.