2021-04-30 Blender LineArt Meeting

Notes for Blender LineArt meeting on Friday, 30 April 2021. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #grease-pencil-module on blender.chat.


Sebastian Parborg
Falk David
Matias Mendiola
Aleš Jelovčan
Antonio Vazquez

Last week targets status

  • Wiki release notes page is completed.
  • Icon is still pending. Matias comment the icon idea could work, but don’t like the icon final look, we need an artist that take care of this. T87814
  • Sample files sent to Daniel M. Lara. Antonio will contact Daniel to check status.
  • UI is updated for cache mode which will conditionally grey out global arguments in the modifier
  • Fixed some memory leaks.

In Front problem status

  • YimingWu comments Offset solution is working, default the in front is off, and this makes offset effective. turning on in front disables offset.
  • Some problems are still pending and the initial idea is fixing them setting the 3D mode by default to new LineArt objects.

The discussion is about if the 3D mode must be set or if we must keep the defaults.
Decission is:

  1. If you add the object using LineArt menus options, the Redo panel must show any option that can change object defaults, as In Front or use 3D mode.
  2. If the Artist do the things manually, he is responsible of settings all values… no default changes.

Matias commenst that for the future we must to think in a better solution like we found for In Front with offset, for stroke depth order problem.

Other Topics

Next week YimingWu will be out for maybe three or more days, depending on the situation.

He will try to work in T87739:

  1. Occlusion effectiveness for mesh materials.
  2. Floating edge/vert types for line art.