2021-04-26 Geometry Nodes (sub-) Module Meeting

Attending: Dalai Felinto, Hans Goudey, Jacques Lucke, Pablo Vazquez, Simon Thommes.

Sprint planning

Goal: Focus on the required curve features for the Sprite Fright bird nest asset, and bug sprint week.

  • Hans will clear the sprint backlog board with Simon to leave only the bare-minimum curve related tasks for the bird nest.
  • Rest of the week is focused mostly in the 2.93 bug sprint week.


  • Dalai presented the DAKI method a bit better, to be used in the retrospectives.
    • The idea is to create tasks in the Week Retrospective column during the week.
    • Those are things that will help improve the process.
    • During the retrospective the team then first go over the board (tasks from last retrospective) and see if they can all be closed.
    • Then populates the board with the new tasks.
    • Note that problems that are raised should come with a proposed solution (nothing big, just something out of 10 minutes thinking).
  • It is still unclear whether the team can pull off another project.
    • The idea would be to focus on curves, volumes, material and attribute processor.
    • Design and artist testing is the current bottleneck to move forward with this.
    • Dalai to try to clear this up a bit. Also to present the proposal to Ton.
  • Dalai suggested the attribute list to be tackled even if we don’t start the project.

Design Discussions

  • Curves (control points auto-update?)
    • There was consensus on having geometry-nodes to mimic what Python does.
    • So when position is updated so are the handlers.

Next planning meeting: 2021-05-03 at 14:00 CEST on geometry-nodes on blender.chat.