2021-04-13 Blender 2.93 bcon3 Meeting

Notes for Blender 2.93 bcon3 meeting on Tuesday, 13 April 2021. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #blender-coders on blender.chat.

Original 2.93 targets

Animation & Rigging

  • Updated UI for FCurve Modifiers is merged.
  • Weight paint tweaks is merged but needs mention in the release notes. Sebastian Parborg will document this.


  • Needs answer regarding the state of the undo task.
    • Joseph Eagar mentions that undo is still broken for sculpting.
    • He would like to tackle this after 2.93 if no one else does it.
    • Campbell Barton will reply to the task with his remarks.
  • The outliner overrides view mode merged last week. Jeroen Bakker will add an image to the release notes.

Grease Pencil

  • All 2.93 targets have been completed. Any new feature have been moved to 3.0.
  • Still pending review wiki page to add more text and images, specially for LineArt.
  • Manual changed for all features/changes except LineArt.
  • LineArt manual is on progress.


  • No release targets for 2.93, so nothing to confirm.

Nodes & Physics

Pending patches expected to be committed today (13/Apr):

Pipeline, Assets & I/O

Platforms, Builds, Tests & Devices

  • Self-hosting libraries still needs final review pass and to be committed.
    • Dalai Felinto or Sybren Stüvel will go after Ray Molenkamp and Sebastián Barschkis to get the patch reviewed.
  • macOS arm64 build solution will be temporary until the new buildbot system goes live in May.
  • Windows 7 and 8.0 are no longer supported, the new minimum is Windows 8.1.
    • Dalai Felinto will talk with Brecht Van Lommel to see if we add a note about this in the buildbot page.

Python & Add-ons

  • All changes done already.


  • Eevee
    • Attribute rendering for EEVEE won’t be done in time for 2.93.
    • Depth of Field and Ambient Occlusion need images in the release notes.
    • Ambient Occlusion refactor was rolled back to something more close to the old implementation to avoid too much regresion.
  • Cycles
    • All features merged and documented already.
  • Pipeline
    • Cryptomatte workflow will be added to the release notes by Jeroen Bakker.

Sculpt, Paint & Texture

  • Scene project and the new Mask Filter postponed since they require a better brush management system.
  • Switch Object/Transfer mode operator - Pablo Dobarro will ask Julien Kaspar to review so he can merge it today.

User Interface

  • Viewport navigation locking gizmo still needs final decision and final icons.
  • Julien Eisel will add a task to the User Interface module workboard and check what to do before bcon3.
  • The status of missing icons is a bit unclear. Julian Eisel will check and make sure things are ready for bcon3.

VFX & Video


  • Splashscreen status needs confirmation. Dalai Felinto will check with Pablo Vazquez.

The notes say that both Windows 8 and 8.1 are no longer supported, making the minimum supported version Windows 10. However, the linked task says that Windows 8.1 is supported. Is this a typo or was there a change in the minimum supported version?

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That’s either a typo or misunderstanding, only windows 7+8 support has been dropped, 8.1 will be the minimum requirement for 2.93