2021-04-01 Experimental Sculpt Mode Features Meeting


  • Julien Kaspar
  • Ton Roosendaal
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Simon Thommes
  • Francesco Siddi


There were 3 discussion points that were brought up during the meeting.
The main drive of this meetting were 2 features that are stuck in the experimental tab and what needs to be done to move forward with them.

Switch Object Operator

  • It’s the last missing feature related to the “Sculpt Mode workflow with multiple objects” project
  • There are still open discussion if the current implementation is ideal and if it can be supported for more modes and object types
  • Ton approved of the feature but would like more names to be explored that communicate more clearly that the mode is being propagated, not just that the object is switched
  • Multi-object sculpting was brought up but can be discussed as its own feature
  • Dalai suggested possibly finding a better word association to the shortcut D
  • Other than that the current implementation can move forward for the 2.93 release
  • A task and extensive communication needs to be made to extend this functionality to other object types and modes and how/if that can be useful

Sculpt Vertex Colors

  • An experimental feature that lets the user paint vertex data within sculpt mode, while making use of the viewport drawing, fast performance and tool set of sculpt mode
  • The issue: Confusing UI between “vertex colors” and “sculpt vertex colors”
  • The proposal was that the UI can be worked out with the geo nodes team to differentiate the 2 into “attributes” and “vertex colors”
  • Ton decided that before moving forwards, a clear big picture design needs to be shown that outlines the existing problems and proposed solutions.
    This also needs to address the future and difference between the various modes, what data is accessed where and how it is manipulated.
    This should be strongly workflow oriented and should show how the tools, brushes and modes relate to that.
  • The sculpt vertex paint feature cannot be removed from experimental unless the big picture plan & roadmap of how this changes the interaction with modes is clearly presented.
  • Another design meeting will be held at the Blender HQ on Wednesday, 6th of April to work out a design

Brush Management

  • Francesco decided that it would be wise to divert attention of of the sculpt-paint-texture module towards creating a solid brush management design, mockups and prototypes in collaboration with the asset management team.
    This will be instrumental in improving sculpt and painting modes & tools overall in the near future.

So why object switch mode was deleted even for sculpt?

Its not removed, the hotkey was changed from D key to Backtick/Tilde key: ⚙ D11189 Keymap: use D-Key for view-pie menu

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That damn tilda key. Its not working on my keyboard since there is also + and * and the tilda i dont even know how to access. It broke the camera walk mode shortcut and now this.