2021-03-30 Geometry Nodes sub-Module Meeting

Geometry Nodes (sub-)module Meeting

Attending: Dalai Felinto, Fabian Schempp, Hans Goudey, Jacques Lucke, Pablo Vazquez, Kenzie, Simon Thommes, Wannes Maifait.


  • Introduction
  • Communication channels (mailing-list? devtalk? blender.chat?)
  • Team’s availability
  • Sprint planning

Communication Channels


Jacques proposes to use a tag under Blender Development instead of sub-forums.

The existing developers got involved used blender.chat. But a place like devtalk with more structured coordination of the module activity would have been welcome.

The geometry nodes will be initially for new developers to get involved.


Rename #geometry-nodes-squad to #geometry-nodes.

There is still the #nodes-physics-module module for all the other module topics.

There is an informal community-maintained #everything-nodes channel.

Team availibility

2 week sprint.

  • Jacques 8
  • Hans 8
  • Pablo 2
  • Simon 2
  • Kenzie 3
  • Wannes 3
  • Fabian 2

Sprint planning

The focus is on tasks that can impact 2.93. That means mostly spreadsheet editor, attribute search and improvements for group inputs.

There is also room for new nodes and bug fixes if time permits.


tag #blender:meetings-archive

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Are you sure this is possible? To have two different main tags for the same post?

(for the records, we now tag them all with meetings)