2021-01-19 - Tuesday Talks - Module Meetings

Tuesday Talks

Notes for module meetings of Tuesday, 19 January 2021.
Present: Dalai Felinto (all)


Participant: Campbell Barton.

  • Focusing on polishing add-object and face off-center selection


  • Compatibility changes has only a “placeholder” at the moment.
  • Campbell just removed it

User Interface

Participant: Julian Eisel.

  • Sculpting icons done in time, congratulations.
  • Add-object tool could use a review for its cursor.
  • Metin Seven to help asset bundle, needs coordination by the module.
  • There are two in progress documents (2021 plans and a design guideline)
    • Julian to share with Dalai for early feedback.
    • Christian Bun (Blender Institute writer) to be involved for a final pass later.
  • Asset manager will be on by default in the experimental features panel.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Participant: Pablo Dobarro.

  • Joe Eagar finished his work in the dyntopo next step is clean up
    • The patch still needs to be split for review
    • There will likely still need to be adjustments
    • Pablo will get an update on that
  • Pablo will write a document with limitations of multi-res
    • A discussions can be scheduled afterwards
  • EEVEE sculpting for 3.0
    • Dalai suggested Pablo to create a new branch for sculpting to handle UV and tangent data
    • Then the draw manager team can work on the API to populate only the required data into the batches.

Animation & Rigging

Participant: Sybren Stüvel.

  • Poselibs updates:
    • The idea is to create a datablock for each pose (contrary to currently in Blender, where one datablock holds multiple poses)
    • This makes poses to work as presets, since they are detached from their original Action
    • This is compatible with the current asset browser design, where a datablock is seen as a single asset
  • Asset browser
    • Tags or categories improvements required for the poselib system
    • Sybren is working in mockups and will present a proposal for that next week
  • NLA release notes are big blocks of text at the moment.

VFX & Video

Participant: Richard Antalík.

  • The next step in the VSE project is performance
    • For 2.92 some performance patches were merged
    • The main performance related improvements are aimed at 2.93
  • Richard will update D9414 to get better performance testing feedback

Data, Assets & I/O

Participant: Bastien Montagne.

  • Undo patch is ongoing
    • Review is hindering its progress
    • Target is 2.93
  • Override is trying to get syncing to happen automatically
  • USD needs some attention if it will be a 2.93 target

Grease Pencil

Participant: Antonio Vazquez.

  • PDF export coming to 2.93 - Ray Molenkam is helping reviewing D9928
  • Interpolation improvements
    • Control which curves interpolate into which ones
    • Work is happening in a branch
  • Fill improvements
    • Tool to use automatically fill inside Silhouettes
    • Multi-frame filling
  • Bezier Curve “native” stroke
    • Support for bezier curve drawing
    • Edit mode to support editing both of points and curves at the same time
    • Final design to be discussed tomorrow with Falk David

Nodes & Physics

Meeting didn’t happen.


The rendering topics are handled in a separate meeting that includes the Cycles and EEVEE modules.