2020-06-29 - Blender 2.83.1 Post Mortem

When: 2020-06-29 10:15 AMS time

Cherry picking patches

master and blender-v2.83-release branches are already deviating a lot, resulting in patches failing to merge clean as they rely on other changes.

  • In the end we want to have more people to work on LTS. But during the pilot this is limited.
  • Proposal is that patches that don’t merge cleanly will be handled by the original patch creator. The LTSE would reach out to the patch writer.


Creating a release takes a lot of time and seems to too much for the time we can spend on it.

  • Triggering builds, download builds, uploading to download.blender.org, changing file access will be automated using scripts.
  • There will be a script that extracts the change log and other needed information from developer.blender.org and store it in a file (preferrable json). This file will be used to update www.blender.org and steam.
  • Doing a weekly release might be to wishful thinking. Perhaps a once in every two weeks release would be better, due to the time needed to perform an update and the time it sometimes take for the microsoft store to be updated (Signing package).


As this was the first point-release and the previous release had several issues it was chosen to do a more elaborated communication campaign. In the next point-release we only stick to the essential parts:

  • In the morning the builds are created and uploaded to download.blender.org
  • In the afternoon the mirrors are monitored. When at least two mirrors are up to date the release can be made public.
  • Social Media are scheduled in the evening.