2020-06-19 - UI Team

Date: 2020-06-19: 12h AMS time
Participants: Brecht van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez, William Reynish


  • William will start a new job in August which likely means less time to oversee UI development. At least we can’t rely on his availability.

  • The meeting focused on how to organize things to address this change.

  • Julian Eisel will take over William’s role as module owner.

  • A UI designer to fill in might be needed.

  • The UI team wants to focus on wrapping up the 2.8 project with the 2.9x series (includes asset management and nodes). Entirely new projects should be avoided. Of course, that doesn’t mean volunteer projects and projects from other modules shouldn’t get the attention they deserve.

Meta & Handover

  • Proposal from Dalai: Should the UI team focus more on the (graphical) user interface, less on the general user experience? Making sure the vision of Blender as a whole is clear and pursued may be too big of a task for the team. Ton might take this over to a degree.

  • William suggests the UI module should seek more insights into other software.

  • The Industry Compatible key-map needs a new maintainer. William will write up guidelines.

  • Julian suggests that it’s most important to have somebody around to give immediate UI design feedback on incoming patches and design tasks. William did a great job here.

  • The team needs good mockup tools, so far William created most of them. There are some options to experiment with.

  • William will provide his current mockup editing files to other UI team members.


The UI Team suggest a couple of changes to the way papercuts are managed:

  • Reminder: The meaning of “papercuts” is not that a task is easy to solve. Often it’s not.

  • Close the gigantic main papercuts thread. There’s too much noise to be useful.

  • Make good use of feedback threads for current projects (e.g. like the Volume Object one).

  • developer.blender.org now has a papercut project/tag which we can make good use of.

  • Users opening own Devtalk threads for more specific papercuts is fine.

  • Modules can have their own lists of papercuts on developer.blender.org.