2 Column Menu

I would like to create my own 2 (or 3) Column Menu
Put my own text and icon
Attach an operator or execute code for each item.
Then I want to make it popup with a keymap.

Are you asking for permission? Go for it, we’re not your boss :slight_smile:


Why do you think I am on here. Need help.

with what? what’s the problem? did you try something and it didn’t work? What have you already done? Or are you asking us to write it for you- honestly sounds like you’re ordering from a menu or something.

I guess my “question” didn’t really sound like a question.

I am wondering if I can even do a 2 column menu. Is it even possible?
If so what do I have to know to get it done, code wise?

yes it’s possible- but not knowing anything about the specifics of what you’re trying to do some aspects of it may not be possible. you can create columns using layout.column() and rows by using layout.row(). There’s even an example python script that ships with blender that shows you how to make a two column layout:

If you try all of that and then come up with a more specific question, let me know and I’ll try to help.

Umm… you are showing me a panel.
I already know you can do panels with 2 columns. I have done it in my one N-Panel addon


OK, so you already know how to make a two column panel and never bothered to even try to do it in a menu. Yes it’s possible, you do it the same way as a panel.

Thank for the input. I appreciate it.