13 September 2021

Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.

New Features and Changes

Geometry Nodes

  • Initial version of fields and anonymous attributes (commit) (Jacques Lucke, Hans Goudey)
    • Update socket inspection for the field inputs and outputs (commit) (Jacques Lucke)
    • For now, the changes are hidden behind an experimental option
  • Support instancing geometry created directly in the node tree (commit) (Jacques Lucke)
  • Support geometry nodes modifier on curve objects (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Add “Evaluated” mode to Resample Curve node (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Allow exposing color sockets to the modifier (commit) (Hans Goudey)

Asset Browser

  • Dropping Material assets on material slot under mouse cursor. (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)

User Interface

  • Add “Screenshot” option for Blend file preview thumbnails (commit) (Harley Acheson)
  • Improve mouse cursor feedback when unable to join areas (commit) (Harley Acheson)
  • Improve naming for quad-view options (commit) (Nikhil Shringarpurey)
  • Use updated icons for grease pencil line art and length modifiers (commit) (Antonio Vazquez)


  • Export motion blur velocity with a named attribute (commit) (Brecht Van Lommel)
  • Improve fluid modifier baking performance with multithreading (commit) (Erik Abrahamsson)
  • Mesh Cache Modifier: Add support for vertex groups (commit) (Maxime Casas)

Virtual Reality

  • Re-enable SteamVR OpenGL backend for AMD gpus (commit) (Peter Kim)
  • Support for Varjo OpenXR extensions (commit) (Ville Kivistö)

Video Sequence Editor

  • Add a panning angle for multichannel audio (commit) (Jörg Müller)


  • Optimize keyframe drawing by improving data structures (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Enable multithreading for drawing of keyframes (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)

Weekly Reports