13 January 2020

Notes for meeting of Monday, 13 January 2020. 10:00 CET / UTC 9:00 on #blender-coders on blender.chat.

Blender 2.82

  • As part of maintenance ensure 2.81 and 2.81a are properly tagged. After that the old 2.81 stabilizing branch can be dropped.
  • Linux archive name will be simplified to blender-$version$-linux64.tar.gz, dropping the modifiers glibc217 and x86_64.
  • Sergey Sharybin will see to it Mantaflow gets fixed by Sebastián Barschkis.

Blender 2.83

  • Antonio Vazquez is working on Grease Pencil refactor. As part of this is refactor of area related to datablock evaluation for modifiers. He requests help from Sergey Sharybin on this.
  • LANPR will be after 2.83


  • Dalai Felinto would like to move the morning meeting from 10:00 CET to 11:00 CET. Monday morning meetings will from 27th January on be on 11:00 CET (10:00 UTC).

Changes / New Features


  • Add OptiX AI denoiser support (Patrick Mours)


  • Remove is_annotation parameter (Antonio Vazquez)


  • Support 3D arrow gizmos in 2D spaces (Campbell Barton)
  • Use compatible scale values between 2D/3D gizmos (Campbell Barton)
  • Use pivot center for UV gizmos (Campbell Barton)


  • Industry Compat keymap: Support MMB for immediate transform tool use again (William Reynish)


  • Pose Brush with Inverse Kinematics (Pablo Dobarro)

USD Exporter

  • Properly export objects whose parents are not exported (Sybren A. Stüvel)
  • Removed ‘Visible Objects Only’ exporter option (Sybren A. Stüvel)
  • Removed exclusion of ‘Holdout’ collections (Sybren A. Stüvel)
  • Removed from experimental features (Sybren A. Stüvel)


  • DNA: mark OrigSpace structs as run-time (Campbell Barton)
  • Edit Mesh: pass in Mesh instead of BMEditMesh to EDBM_update_generic (Campbell Barton)

Weekly Progress Reports

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