12 November 2018

New Features and Changes

  • Shrinkwrap: new mode that projects along the target normal, giving much smoother results.
  • New Armature constraint that mimics the modifier.
  • Various EEVEE improvements:
    • Partial support for light path node.
    • Support for interpolation and extension options in image/environment nodes.
    • Support monochromatic transparent BSDF and sharp distribution for glossy BSDF.
    • Reduced noise for hashed transparency.
  • Wireframes can now display without dithering.
  • Workbench volume rendering got various quality improvements.
  • Many small UI tweaks.
  • Metaballs are functional again.
  • Cycles memory usage with new 2.8 depsgraph was reduced.
  • The default keymaps is now defined in Python, for easier editing.
  • Release notes and API docs are getting more complete.

Other Projects

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