12 August 2019


  • Ryan Inch added as add-on developer to maintain sculpt/paint brush menus.

New Features and Changes

  • Grease Pencil: new modes for the Simplify modifier. Merge merges all vertices below a given distance, and Sample resamples the stroke with a specified distance between sample points. Resampling is also available as an operator. (Antonio Vazquez, Yiming Wu)
  • Menus and panels layout and organization improvements in the text, console, info and sequencer editors, as well as sculpt and grease pencil modes. (Campbell Barton, William Reynish, Peter Fog, Matias Mendiola)
  • Nodes: display vector socket values expanded. (Omar Ahmad)


  • Constrained Delaunay Triangulation routines were added, to be used later for improved booleans. (Howard Trickey)
  • Release cycle (bf-committers post, Nathan Letwory)
  • Revive air pressure patch for cloth(Sebastian Parborg)
  • Discuss with 2016 UV Tools dev about getting packing code in 2.80 (Sebastian Parborg)


  • Outliner ready for final review and landing in master
  • LANPR is going to be prepared for review as well
  • Bevel custom profiles TODO list

Weekly progress reports