11 March 2019

New Features and Changes

About 115 bugs were fixed in the last week, along with a few smaller improvements:

  • Paint and sculpt modes now have basic context menus (RMB or W key) with brush controls, more to follow. (William Reynish)
  • Many small user interface naming and layout tweaks to improve usability. (William Reynish, Pablo Vazquez)
  • The image editor view mode now has sample and annotation tools. (Campbell Barton)
  • Application icons on Linux and file icons on macOS have been updated. (Jakub Steiner, William Reynish)
  • Cycles can now store UVs more efficiently, reducing overall memory by 6.5% in an Agent 327 production scene. (Stefan Werner)
  • Cycles renders now have metadata about synchronization and path tracing time, in addition to the total render time. (Sergey Sharybin)
  • Viewport preferences now have a setting to disable anti-aliasing for edit mode wireframes. (ClĂ©ment Foucault)
  • Loading of .blend files from different Blender versions (even slightly older ones) has been optimized, tested to be 18% faster on one production file. (Campbell Barton)


  • Discussion about which GPUs we can support for the final 2.80 release is ongoing, it’s clear that the requirements are more complicated than “OpenGL 3.3 or higher”. This is mainly due to some graphics drivers or older operating systems no longer getting important bugfixes, even if the hardware can work correctly with a different or newer operating system. A topic to decide on at the Homestretch Sprint.

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