10 June 2019


New Features and Changes

The focus continues to be on stablizing for the 2.80 release. About 105 bugs were fixed last week.

  • COLLADA: reworked material import & export. (details) (Gaia Clary)
  • Gizmo’s can now activate on drag or on press, with a preference in the keymap to choose. With drag objects behind the gizmo can be selected, but it introduces a few pixels delay when starting to drag. (Campbell Barton)
  • Constraints now have icons in the outliner and properties editor. (Alessio Monti, Andrzej Ambroż)
  • Keymap: drag to box select now works in all animation editors. (Jacques Lucke)
  • Python API: allow external render engines to use Eevee for LookDev shading. (details) (Brecht Van Lommel)

Weekly Reports

Summer of Code

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