10 December 2018

New Features and Changes

This week was mostly about bug triaging and fixing. By my estimate about 120 bugs were fixed this week.

  • Cycles GPU rendering now has support for NVIDIA Turing cards (RTX 20xx and similar). Note this is using CUDA still, not the raytracing hardware units at this point.
  • Cycles OpenCL rendering on macOS is no longer supported (mail).
  • Animated values that have been modified but not keyframed now get an orange button color.
  • Render metadata now has an option to include the hostname, useful for render farms.
  • Shader node editor now includes materials settings panels, so all material work can be done in one editor.
  • Wireframe drawing got many optimizations, both for faster drawing of heavy scenes and when using low end hardware.
  • Grease Pencil has a new arc primitive tool.

Merging Branches

The proposal is to do the following:

  • Rename master to blender2.7 branch, blender2.8 to master.
  • All git history is kept, since it is valuable even if it makes bisect harder.
  • “BF Blender 2.8” bugs will be moved to “BF Blender”, to have a single tracker. These are already quite mixed up anyway.
  • We keep supporting blender2.7 to more or less the same (minimum) level as we do master now, to ensure there is a production-ready Blender version being maintained.
  • The blender2.8 branch could be deleted and blocked from being recreated on the git server? To avoid users and developers using the wrong branch by accident.

If any developers disagree with this, let’s discuss it. Otherwise, we’ll do the merge in the coming week or two.

Other Projects

The developer wiki has a new theme.


Sebastian Parborg started this week, helping with bug triaging and fixing. Welcome!

Weekly Reports