1 July 2019


  • We are still aiming for a Blender 2.80 release candidate on July 11.
  • New development fund grants (announcement)
    • Grant for Germano Cavalcante de Sousa for work on snapping tools and precision modeling.
    • Grant for Nathan Letwory for half time development coordination.
  • Blender development coordination will be migrated to Dalai Felinto and Nathan Letwory this month. They will be in charge of the coming releases and anything that has to do with coordinating the development work on blender.org. Brecht Van Lommel will then have more time for his role of lead Blender architect and main Cycles developer.

New Features and Changes

About 125 bugs were fixed last week.

  • UV editor: add transform tools with interaction more similar to the 3D viewport. (Campbell Barton)
  • Wireframe drawing in paint modes was improved to be more minimal and show the painted colors better. (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Sequencer: refresh is now bound to the Ctrl+R shortcut and available in the View menu, rather than being a button in the header. (William Reynish)
  • Cycles: add back control to render first N bounces without path termination. (Brecht Van Lommel)
  • Linux builds now work on older Linux distributions such as CentOS 7 with glibc 2.17, matching the VFX Reference Platform. (Sergey Sharybin)

Video announcement:

Weekly Reports

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