Wrong or deprecated info in Blender 2.80 Manual


I created this topic to gather in one place the discussions and corrections needed for wrong or deprecated info (but not the Spelling mistakes).

I was knowing that minimum OpenGL for Blender 2.80 is 3.3. Am I right?
This page mentions 2.1 though: Troubleshooting - Startup

The texture coordinate and UV Map nodes still have information about From Dupli, which has been changed to From Instances. Also, they don’t mention Eevee incompatibility (which I for one hope is a temporary limitation!)

Note that the majority of pages in the 2.8 manual have not been worked on at all. So it’s probably not efficient to list individual issues here until things are further along, we already have tasks on developer.blender.org tracking changes needed.

Ok, I added a note in the first post, but please indicate us what is expected to happen further. Should we wait until you tell us that it is ok to continue this topic or we should start creating tasks on developer.blender.org? Please advice.

If you want to contribute to updating the manual, you can get involved here. And then just make the changes and submit patches:

If not, there is nothing to do at this point but wait until things are further along.

Yes the documents are old.I already asked that question.But the 3.3 commands are there though. You can sort of find your way ,by typing things and seeing what they require. The error reporting pretty much give you a clue.
Still a suggestion for the documentation of the bgl module…is to have an example code for the command.Or at least the most used ones.
I like the idea I saw in the python vulkan wrapper https://github.com/realitix/vulkan
where there is an explenation like “in C we write …” “in our wrapper we write …”. Right now I’m stuck at the glAttribPointer command because in C it uses void pointer,in pyOpenGL I used ctypes.c_void_p, bgl uses Buffer() and in the documentation it is said that it’s used for the void pointer …but how, it is not explained.

Text Editor [undocumented]

Resolve Conflict
(tooltip) When external text is out of sync, resolve the conflict.

How to solve conflict due to differences in internal and external text:

  • File Modified Outside and Inside Blender
    • Reload from disk (ignore local changes)
    • Save to disk (ignore outside changes)
    • Make text internal (separate copy)
  • File Modified Outside Blender
    • Reload from disk
    • Make text internal (separate copy)
    • Ignore
  • File Deleted Outside Blender
    • Make text internal
    • Recreate file

Jump To
It is possible to quickly “Jump To” by typing the number of the desired line when the mouse cursor is over the Line Numbers column.

Find / Replace Set Selected
It is undocumented and has a bad/wrong tooltip, see here.

Show Zero Weights (Weight Paint)


This panel has no more “Show Zero Weights” option, it’s moved to overlays popover.

@jenkm can you make bug reports for these here:


I have some small things to report on the manual, but apparently you cannot log in into the developer forum with the same account as devtalk? Do you need a separate account for the developer website?