Working on an almost-complete feature patch, not sure what to do with this


I’m working on a patch that adds a user preference setting for lowering the Eevee viewport resolution and I’d like it considered for inclusion in the official release. As described in this Right-Click Select submission (which I found after I started writing the patch), this feature is useful for GPUs which are not powerful enough to keep up with the resolution of the display. For instance, this applies to practically every currently-produced mainstream Macintosh model (and that’s why I had to write this patch).

The patch is functionally complete and this video shows the feature in action. However, if it were to be merged into the upstream, there are several issues that I think need to be addressed:

  • A glitch is visible for a moment after adjusting the rendering scale. This is caused by an uninitialized texture and I think it can be fixed easily.
  • For now I just added gpu_viewport_scale field to struct UserDef by replacing char _pad13[4]. I’m not certain if this is the right way to do it.
  • I saw an “out of framebuffer slots” error. This happened only once and I haven’t been able to reproduce it.
  • The required changes might borderline the definition of “extensive”.

Would it be okay if I just submit the patch in the current state for initial review or should it be put on hold until agreement is reached somewhere else?



I’m not a core developer, but the way I understand it, you can submit a patch at any time. The better the patch, and the less extensive the changes, the higher the chance it is accepted. The reason why you should still submit it in my opinion is that

  • code review can only be done on submitted patches, and
  • it gives other ‘normal’ users a chance to test and provide feedback on it

Submitting the patch might give you an idea on if there is people out there who would find your work useful.

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As @RainerTrummer said, you can submit the patch for code review at any time.
In your case you can add Clément as reviewer/subscriber (depending on how finished your patch is).

Even if it is not reviewed immediately (we try not to add more features currently), it can help when more people can see your work.

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Right, just be sure to mention the patch is a work in progress so that developers don’t need to do a detailed code review yet.

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If you’re planning on updating your patch regularly, learning to use arcanist, will be a real time saver.

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