Workflow improvement for imperial units

About precision modelling improvement

There should be an option in “Input” preferences where we can use “Dot(.)” button while input to make “Feet(’)” measurement. This will speedup the archviz workflow.

For example- if i want to input 4’5". I just press 4.5 in the numpad, this way the precision modelling will improve.

It would be better if it were 4,5 (or even 4/5 or 4^5) so it’s not confused with 4.5’.

For now—or in case this feature doesn’t get implemented—if you know your fractional equivalents, you can already set 4’ 5" by entering 4.42.

Or you can just enter the entire measurement in inches instead: 48+5". Don’t forget, Blender will do the math for you. And entering these numbers from the keypad (assuming you’re on a desktop) is faster than hunting the top row and having to hold Shift to get the ‘+’.