Wireframe needs to show all edges by default (please)

I believe this is a simple request, but when switching to wireframe view (new or experienced user) it just doesn’t read right and it’s frustrating that you have to change a settings to make the wireframe view behave like a wireframe view. It has one purpose and that’s to show you all the edges of your models/scene, if it can’t do that by default then it’s frustrating and makes it feel like things are broken.


Show all the edges is important especially in Edit mode, and it shows all the edges by default in selected objects when you enter Edit mode. You open this .blend file and you see what happens when you set Wireframe = 1:

the larger sphere visually interferes with what you are working in edit mode (which is the inner sphere).
For me, it would be more important to have X-Ray=0 by default for better visualization in Edit mode.

Show all edges in edit mode is the barest of minimums I’d expect out of a functional 3D software, to have it 1 by default in any mode is what needs to happen. Wireframe view serves a functional purpose and to gimp it by default is a puzzling decision

But as I said, what about objects visually interfering in Edit mode? It could also be annoying to have to set up better wireframe value in those cases.

Anyway, according to what developers promised, the user could have custom presets of everything related to Overlays and Shading settings. I’m not sure if developers are still planning to implement that.

Strongly agree on full wire by default.

The wireframe mode will always display all the wires. The wireframe overlay does not and I actually think it helps a lot with readability, and I like it
Also if the feature is set to show all edges as deafult, noone will notice the option of being shown less exists.
Also you can just save a user defined startup file, wich I’d strongly suggest to do anyway.
So I think the preset as it is now is fine…