Windows close button (X) prompt should be "Do you want to save?"

Please, on God’s green earth,
replace the window close (X) button prompt with question “Unsaved edit. Do you want to save?” with three options of “Yes” “No” and “Cancel”
I mean like, literally, in just about every other known software since 1980s. How the question “Do you really want to quit” could ever be envisioned is beyond me. The average-people method to end editing a file is, I suppose, by closing the software with (X) button and click “Yes” in quick, thoughtless, reflex way.



It is only working on Linux, isn’t’ it?
Windows was forgotten and don’t have any update for at least 9 months… As far as I know it is abandoned for Windows for undefined time :persevere:

It seems like linux and mac are the lucky ones at moment.
But I don’t think it’s abandoned. Maybe it will come in the future.