Windows build failure due to directory names including '\n'

I was building blender under D:\nys\blender-dev\blender-git and I ran into an error:

  Generating node_add_closure.oso
  D:/nys/blender-dev/blender-git/intern/cycles/kernel/shaders/node_add_closure.osl:1: error: error: could not find include file: D:
  FAILED D:/nys/blender-dev/blender-git/intern/cycles/kernel/shaders/node_add_closure.osl

It seems like the “D:\nys…” is converted into “D: (new line) ys…”
Is there any fixes I can do without renaming the directory? (Log file)

Are your libraries up to date? This should have been resolved in the OSL update from last week.