Windows 11 & Building Blender & a make update fail with regards to python


Windows 11 & Building Blender

Following these directions: Building Blender/Windows - Blender Developer Wiki

a) cd C:\Users\myuser\Documents\Develop\Blender
b) mkdir blender
c) git clone git://
d) cd blender
e) make update

I answer y and all seems to go well until here:

C:\Users\myuser\Documents\Develop\Blender\lib\win64_vc15\vulkan\share\vulkan\registry\ U C:\Users\myuser\Documents\Develop\Blender\lib\win64_vc15 Checked out revision 62969. python not found, required for this operation

My MS Visual Studio 2022 Community has the C++ Desktop Build environment installed along with the version of python integrated into VS. The Blender build instructions that I’ve worked through don’t mention python explicitly but I know Blender uses python extensively.

Now I’ve checked my global Windows 11 Environment variables for the PATH variable and yes, there is no path included to go to a python shell.

At this location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Community\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\VC\SecurityIssueAnalysis\python there is a python.exe that is version 3.9.9

Should I add that path to my path variable or is there another python path I should be adding.

I’m trying to be a stickler for what the directions are telling me to do as near as possible.

What have I done wrong?