Win 10 - Self compiled Blender does not start anymore


Windows 10 2004, VS 2019, Cmake 3.18.0 RC3, Git up to date. Python 3.7 from Windows 10.

I usually pull and build the newest Blender version once a week. Also today i have pulled the newest files with make update and make. But the generated blender.exe refuses to start. It shuts down immediately.

I have then cloned the repository from scratch. But the problem persists. A debug build revealed that there is a problem in the boost library in the generator.hpp

Is there something i can do here? Has some of the environment requirements changed? Something that i need to update? Or is this simpy a troubled boost library version that is fixed soon?
I am happy about any help :slight_smile:

Kind regards

that’s master for you, may work, but sometimes has issues, there were some issues related to nvidia hardware today, should be all fixed, give it a pull and rebuld!

Thanks LazyDodo. So it was just a hiccup. Confirming that it works again :slight_smile: