Will there be something like "Nanite" in future Blender?

Will there be something like Ninite in Unreal Engine 5 in the future versions of Blender? It’s basically a very neat way to handle trillions of polygons while still keeping the realtime viewport rendering. This video demonstrates what Nanite is and how it works. Although Nanite has limitations that it works on static meshes, it is the key feature of UE5 in terms of “realtime rendering” along with the Lumen(realtime raytracing). This “Nanite” looks similar to realtime decimating.

I heard that the future of Eevee is to move on to Vulkan(from current OpenGL) and possibly realtime raytracing would be implemented. Although there are no strict plans and no developments are going on this topic, I wondered if realtime raytracing would be enough for Eevee’s future. Are there any plans or possibilities that Blender will adopt this kind of “Realtime decimating” feature? Or at least “Auto decimating before rendering”(Since building BVH takes too long with hundreds of millions of polygons)?

(BTW, I hope this is the right place for this kind of question. Sorry if it isn’t)

this forum is not the right place for feature requests. See the blue header on top, with links to other places.

Regarding the future of EEVEE, you can take a look at this blog post: EEVEE’s Future — Blender Developers Blog