Will the normal behavior return when you press z?

For me it is very important to be able to exit render mode by pressing the z key, I don’t care if they want to continue to impose the transparencies by hitting the z, but I want to know if it will be possible to exit render mode by hitting the z or if I will have to use an addon for life. The ideal thing for me is still to hit the z key in transparent wireframe mode and if you press solid mode again. Semi transparencies are for differentiating various objects and their shapes, perhaps to appreciate volumes, but they make me uncomfortable and dirty the visibility of Vertex and Facedots. I also think it is important to be able to see the facedots in solid mode to differentiate if we are working with faces or edges without taking our eyes off your model.


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In 2.9x I use pie menu for all Shade modes

maybe this would be part of the solution.

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@no4me Which of these two addons do you use? What is the difference between them?.

“3D viewport Pie Menu” or “UI Pie Menu Official”, thanks.


I use “Pie Menu Official” version 1.1.5 Probably because I’m used to it.

“3D viewport Pie Menu” has more features (the only problem i have with this one is TAB menu for selecting modes)

There was a time when i used both at she same time. Maybe I’ll do it again :smiley:

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I think I’m going to try to get used to the pie menu, in the end it’s going to be the best solution, after seeing that all the hotkeys are changing.

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@no4me For now as I only want to use for four things, I am creating my own custom footer menu. In case anyone here might be interested, I’ll leave it the url here: