Will Light groups feature come to Blender 2.83?

Hi guys!
The light groups feature is paused? Will it come for blender 2.83?
What is going on? :slight_smile:
It is possible to compile blender to use this feature o make it become an addon?
This feature is similar to the “Light mix”, a feature that allows to separate lights as light groups and compose the lights on post-production. This is REALLY useful for archviz and fast lighting production when we prototype our archviz projects.


No they won’t, maybe for 2.90.

You can use them in our build.

Voicing a +1 for light groups, would be incredibly useful to us in vfx. We often have to balance cg vs real lights in comp and it would be fantastic to avoid doing re-renders for every light as we’re currently doing.

Any chance for 2.92 ?

Agree, this is working fine in our build since a lot of time, I know there is one thing left, because devs want to re-design how can you assign ligths to a light group, but that should not take too much time.

@brecht maybe this is a low hanging fruit, TBH just a field in light and in the shader settings could be enough to define to which lighgroup it belongs, there is no need to use collections at all, it could be a property.´

I don’t know how to code it, but since the feature is working it’s probably something not too complex to modify, @lukasstockner97 what do you think?

AFAIK it was the only main showstopper this patch had :slight_smile: