Will Grease Pencil Vertex Paint mode be in 2.82?

Blender 2.82 has been in bcon2, for a while now, and I still haven’t seen GPencil Vertex Paint tools merged to Master. Will it be available in 2.82? Is it on schedule? I ask because it was said that it would be a part of 2.82. I see the GPencil branches merging master on a daily basis, but still no sign of the new tools being merged into master.

Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.

Probably missed the window.

Maybe 2.83.

As you have noted, we are in bcon2.

New features are only added during bcon1.

See this Code Blog and the Release Cycle Wiki Page for more information.

I see the GPencil branches merging master on a daily basis

What merges such as :Merge branch ‘master’ into greasepencil-object do is make sure that the temporary GPencil development branch stays up to date with the rest of the code so that the features from the developmental branch can be more smoothly merged into master when they are ready.

Currently Grease Pencil is being refactored. IIRC, it was decided to hold off adding the Vertex Painting Tools patch into master until this work is complete.

Here are @Hypersomniac’s weekly reports on the refactoring.

Here is the list of all the changes that have been made if you really want all the details.

I had a feeling it would miss the 2.82 mark. Still, I was hopeful. I’m aware of the refactor work being done, but when I saw that the grease pencil had another branch simultaneously being updated with master, I was hopeful that those patches would make it into 2.82. I asked this question here to see if I should start building those branches, or if buildbot would do the job for me. Alas, you’ve all answered resoundingly that I must build the refactor branch, until 2.83 congeals.

Thanks, everyone.

Yes, real pity that the Vertex Paint mode hasn’t made it into 2.82. It’s a hugely important feature and will, with the accompanying UX changes, also improve the overall (materials) workflow a lot in Grease Pencil. Anyway, fingers crossed that it will make it into 2.83 :slight_smile: