Will Blender improve the UI of "video editor" next?

Will Blender improve the UI of “video editor” next?

I’m going to make a TV series. I need to add new features to “video editor”.

Here are the new features I need to add in my version 4.0:

  1. Render the selected sequences in “video editor” to their respective folders.
    two。. Export the sequence in Blender, and the rendered folder path to XML, and open it with other editing software.

For the development of this function, I try to maintain the principle of “can use Python without C++” and “can do plug-ins without changing the source code”.
As to whether I can contribute later, this is a question, because I do not know if I am really contributing, and whether I can keep up with your progress.

Here, I need to ask an important question:
I saw on develop blog that you mentioned the topics of “vedio editor” and “VFX”.
I don’t know if there is a big change in the later version of “Vedio Editor” of Blender and whether it will continue to support the current Python API.
What I am worried about is that there may be major changes to the features related to the later version of “VFX”. Will the compatibility of the next versions of my plug-in be repeated with the Blender backbone functions?

This may be a useless post for the community, because the purpose of my plug-in is for my project management, there is little chance that I can contribute, is it qualified to discuss similar questions here?