Wihtout changes layers shortcus are near to useless in blender2.8

I want to talk about the shorcuts of layers in blender (the famous 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 keys in object mode). In Blender 2.79 it was the main shorcuts that I must to use thousands of times each day to work. But in Blender2.80 I don’t use it because I can’t. The implementation of the new solution is incomplete and don’t allow basic features to work with it.

Also the solution is really simple to this problem

  • Problem One: I can’t assign the collections shorcuts, so I only have access to collections under “Scene Colletion” and depends of the order in the outliner: It broke all the logic of this shorcuts. I can’t work with subnested collections (where I have all my assets) and I depend of the order in the outliner. So make the shortcuts useless because I cant order to have my assets to use the shortcuts and because I can’t keep a similar scene shortcuts between files so musular memory is not useful.

  • Problem Two: the actual system change the hide in viewport propertie, instead of viewport visibility and this break the use of shortcuts if when you unhide object it also unhide collections that you don’t want to unhide.

So the solution is really simple, that user can configure to what “shortcut” have each collection and that the shorcuts must to change the Visibility viewport propertie.