Why is Sculpt not setup so you get nice looking results out of the box

Each day I look at Dobarro’s wonderful work and demos.

Then I go in and try to replicate it and it looks horrible.

Why is Sculpt not setup so you get nice looking results out of the box?


I can’t tell if this is a serious post or not… do you normally get extremely high quality results in other software and are not able to in Blender, or are you asking why looking at someone’s Twitter didn’t make you a better artist?

If it’s the former, perhaps you could enumerate the issues you’re having, and what your expectations are. ‘Setting up sculpt mode’ is a pretty broad topic, so maybe you could specify what the actual problem is- for example, layout, brush feel, alphas, responsiveness, etc.

Also keep in mind that new sculpt mode improvements are being added to every new update, so it’s constantly being improved. If it’s not to your liking and you have no input on how to make it better, come back and try it again later after more improvements are added.

edit: also keep in mind that Pablo regularly posts stuff he’s working on in his own branch that is NOT in master yet. For example- he recently posted about layer brush improvements. That is not committed to master, so far as I’m aware.


This is serious meant


Sculpting is an art and that need first of all practice. I advise you to watch some tutorials about it when you want to work on the presentation there is the speed sculpt workshop on blender cloud : https://cloud.blender.org/p/speed-sculpting/ or more tutorials on the art itself have a look at CGBoost Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWWybvw9jnpOdJq_6wTHryA

Its hard and when pablo is showing his first works you can see that its not perfect at the first try. Have a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Qux4y-2MU

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Thank you DarkNight for your reply

Im not talking about skill. Of course you have to have skill of a long time practice.

Im talking about the initial setup when you go into sculpt.
The resolution, all the right chekboxes, etc.
That does not need to be an art or a secret skill.

That can be done by default.


Did you reset your brushes? Currently brush presets are embedded in .blend files so a lot of time you don’t get correct settings updating blender or when opening old files.

Resetting them all one by one is pain and I don’t think reset all brushes is implemented so you might need to do File -> Defaults -> Load Factory Settings. This however removes all your changes to blender settings.

I put a small addon on github to reset all brushes at once. I might tweak it a bit, but it should work for now:

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Thanks for the effort - Debuk

It did not show up in the tool menu

Im on a mac


Using two brushes. Reset them individually.

I think you tried to install the zip. Currently you should extract the py file from the zip and use that for the installation.

After that it’s located here:

I did that, Debuk


what is the voxel remesh size?


The voxel remesh size is in the header under the remesh options.

I have no mac to test it. But just to be sure:

  • Did the entry show up in the addon list after install?
  • Did you set the checkbox.

OK Debuk

It worked
I was looking under Reset



Hi Eitan

So I suppose you suggest that I should have done something to start with.

But my point is that that should be setup out of the box



Resetting the brushes did not alter the look


can you send a blend file

I could Eitan

…but is it not more the principals of things?

What are you starting with when you choose Sculpt.