Why access to bpy.types in blender 2.8 is gone!?

I’m working in port many plugins for blender 2.8 but there’s one big problem with this.
Currently bpy.types classes are not more accessible in blender 2.8!

I usually use it to extend properties for objects based on the features added by the addon. e.g:

class NewLightSettings(bpy.types.PropertyGroup):
newSetting1 = bpy.props.FloatProperty(default = 5,min=0)
newSetting2 = bpy.props.FloatProperty(min=0,max=1, default = 0.5)

bpy.types.Lamp.AddonSettings = bpy.props.PointerProperty(type=NewLightSettings)

Now that bpy.types.Lamps (the same for all others such scene, objects…) are not accessible what i suppose to do to add those settings to all objects of this type? Or for anything… This was one of the most powerful structs to extend blender and it’s gone and no reason is pointed here:

Any tips about it?

To wait definitive release of Blender python API? Update and develop addons on Blender 2.8x is deprecated until release new Py API in mid - late september

This don’t look like a bug or a incomplete feature it’s a design decision that was made and already implemented.

Seems like it is allowed to acess bpy.types, I have no trouble in defining props and acessing classes, maybe was outdated design decision and developers are following another reference.

The only thing I saw that is changed is the register_module function.

bpy.types.Lamp was renamed to bpy.types.Light, as part of a general renaming of Lamps to Lights.

Thanks brecht!
The confusion came from this sentence in the Docs:
" Now only [Header, Menu, Operator, Panel, UIList] are accessed from bpy.types."

Hope in future we can keep access to all BlendData classes (Lights, Scenes…) as is.