Where can i find the source code for bpy.ops operations?

Heya!! Sorry for the newbie question, i’ve just started looking into developing blender things, and i’m currently trying to access the actual code for the bpy.ops.graph.smooth() operation.
I’ve found the ops.py file already, but i can’t find a way to the graph submodule at all. Any help appreciated!! Thankyouu

The operators have a different naming convention in C/C++. There you need to search for GRAPH_OT_smooth instead of ops.graph.smooth.


Thanks a bunch, brecht!
That’s really to good know for the future. I still can’t find the operation in the ops.py file nor anywhere in the blender folder in my program files unfortunately T_T Do you by chance have any tips on that maybe?

C/C++ source code is not part of a Blender binary installation.

The code for this function can be found in graph_edit.c.

In general to edit C/C++ code you need to build Blender:


AH that makes more sense, then i’ll try that out and get into the whole thing. Thank you so much for linking the wiki and all!!

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