When searching for "ColorRamp", it should appear at the top, instead of "Vertex Color" appearing at the top

Before 2.8, I believe all you had to type was “col”, press enter and you’d get the ColorRamp. Now instead you get Vertex Color. ColorRamp is used far more frequently than Vertex Color, so it makes no sense that Vertex Color is at the top.

So make it so that ColorRamp is the first choice when after pressing Shift-A and searching for it in the node editor, so you don’t have to move your mouse over the choice or having to type it out over half the word.

@NiCapp is correct, this type of post belongs on RCS and not devtalk.

As an aside, this is entirely subjective. Color ramp is used far more frequently for you, so you want it to be more convenient for you. There are a lot of people using blender who are not you, and they might not agree. Posting on RCS will give the community an opportunity to chime in on your preconceived notions.