What's the status about the hi-poly editing improvements?

@ideasman42 what’s the status about the hi-poly editing improvements?

Right now working with 1 million or more polygon meshes is nearly impossible or very very very slow, and for example working with photogrammetry models, no matter if they are optimised or not, it’s a nightmare, or working with a highly detailed hard surface model too.

To get more community involvement in this first make an statement about the improvements that are going to be made and make a call to action so they can provide hi-detail, dense mesh, production ready models to test, this will make more people engage with this module for sure.
Also try to avoid the situation that happened with the Destructive Extrude, it’s not working as expected by the users (no matter if it’s as intended by the developer I’m afraid)

If you need some help making a call to action, please don’t hesitate in contacting me, however I think that with @pablovazquez you have the communication you need for this :slight_smile:


@dfelinto since there is no answer on this (I imagine @ideasman42 is focused in other things other than the forum :slight_smile: ) , maybe you can shed a bit of light onto this :slight_smile:

Both Dalai and Campbell are on leave

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Welcome back everyone!

I will bump this now, since probable @ideasman42 is back to work :slight_smile: