What's the max characters we're allowed to include per post?

I went by the description of this forum’s category and assumed that this question belongs here, but if not then sorry.

What is the maximum acceptable amount of characters we’re allowed to include per post?

I intend to post a lengthy description of a preliminary design for a code documentation tool for the Blender codebase on “Blender Development”.

I would recommend condensing the information you want to share as much as possible. If you’re coming close to a post limit, you’re writing too much. People won’t read 15 paragraphs on a concept for a tool.

If need be, use diagrams or, better yet, reference similar tools or technologies which exist already as examples. This shows you’re aware of the ecosystem and have validated your ideas.

I look forward to reading your thoughts about code documentation.


Cool, then I’ll try to give a summary using diagrams and a little text, but I suppose I should give a longer version as well to answer any further curiosities.