What status should be assigned to bug reports that aren't actually bugs

There have been plenty bug reports about problems with Blender 2.8 that were caused by hardware that didn’t meet the minimum requirements. These bug reports sometimes get closed as Archived and other times as Invalid. The latter seems to be a good fit because these reports aren’t actually bugs. I’m not sure though if assigning this status has implications that I’m not aware of or if it is intended for other use cases.

What is the official policy on this, if there is one?

They should be Archived.

Invalid should only be used for spam, feature requests or other things that were not supposed to be in the tracker at all.

as nouveau drivers fixing request?

If a user reports a crash and it’s a bug in the Nouveau driver rather than Blender, we would Archive it. We don’t mark something as Invalid just because a users was not aware of what we consider a bug or not, only when it’s clearly not intended to be a bug report.

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Of course there is a wiki page. Sorry for wasting your time, must have missed that.