What is going on with the Keymap Presets?!?

This is a really bad situation. Why are the keymaps you set yourself in some way overriding what is set in the presets? For instance, I have several custom keymaps set up. As soon as I change something that is not like the builtin keymap that I based any of these on, I have to manually set the keymap for this interaction in all other keymaps!

I’m not sure on what level this makes sense. For instance, save a new version of the “Blender” keymap called “My Blender” Change the view rotation keymap from mmb drag to alt mmb+drag. Now switch back to the “Blender” keymap. The view rotation keymap is still set to alt+mmb. This means that any time I want to make a new keymap, I can’t simply switch back to the default blender keymap without manually overriding the changes. I want to see if what I made is better or worse, but I’m having to do all of these extra steps to change it.

People expect presets to bring you back to default behaviors when ever you want to, but that is just not the case with blender’s keymap presets.

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I’ve made an addon that has several keymaps that ship with it. Each one based on Industry Compatible, Blender or some mix of both. I have to make tons of extra steps to make each of these keymaps, and I can’t really test whether my changes properly override all of the default settings without erasing my user files to bring Blender back to true defaults and then importing my keymaps again!

This would be so simple if the changes I make to “My Keymap” didn’t change what was happening in the built in “Blender” keymap. If someone loads a preset, they expect all keymaps to change, not just the ones that aren’t changed in their last preset.

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