What is GENERATED attribute?


What is GENERATED attribute? Looks like it is for UV but I could not understand how it is used. A STD_UV attribute will have u,v values for every index. I mean, 3 u,v pairs for each triangle. But this generated attribute is not having like that. More over, it is of type float3.

Please explain me. Need to understand this.
Thanks in advance.

The GENERATED attribute gives you the generated texture coordinates of the object. It’s the same texture space as the ‘Generated’ output of the texture coodinates node.
The generated texture space is created based on the bounding box of the objects geometry, with the lower, left corner being (0,0,0) and the corner diagonal to that being (1,1,1).

For a comprehensive list of the attributes you can access through the Arrtibute node, check out this thread on blender stackexchange:

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Hi @lone_noel,

Thanks for your reply. I have gone thru the logic how a GENERATED attribute is generated.
I have generated a mesh in memory and generated the GENERATED attribute. Now I need to export this mesh to FBX. So, I need to convert this attribute to UV.

Any logic for this?

Thanks in advance.