What feature would you like to have with the new GeoNodes?

I just want to see where the wind is blowing. The Current version of GeoNodes is more or less “”“only”"" good for Particle Scattering. Which is intended for the first Version.

So what would you like for the next Version ?

Personally, i would want a focus on creating Modifier equivilant nodes. For example, an Array or Mirror node. Furthermore i think a Python node would be cool. Sort of like OpenGL Shader´s that you can Program yourself. Just with a node. But i have no idea how that is suppose to work.

Also, is there any official Plan for the next version of GeoNodes ? I know of the doc where they list all the things they want to add, but a Timeline ?

So yeah, love the new GeoNodes ! Keep the good work up !

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Select components and mesh operators


I really like the direction it’s taking , I hope that little patch hanging in the tracker will come soon.
Having more procedural modeling tools (+ modifiers) and more instances goodness would be great. I’m looking forward to the instance from volumes and array nodes. There is also a bounding box node (that Hans was talking about) that could come handy. So in the end GN needs many small addition so we can push what’s already there, rather than big additions (IMO) .

A script node would be nice to have, but it will probably be slow, I don’t think it would solve many issue right now. Node are visual programming, if we can’t do things with node, a script node at this stage probably won’t solve things either. Maybe an expression node could be great so we can reduce some node into an expression, but it’s also a bit early for that IMO.

If they plan to work next on procedural modeling + scattering tools that would probably bring many possibilities already. Let’s wait and see, it’s like following a great series.


Core features like access mesh / data at different times.

Temporal tools. Frame holds etc.