What are the Differences in Material Handling in Blender 3.3 over 3.2?

I am curious what has technically changed in Materials management in Blender 3.3 over 3.2?

For instance, when I export a project from Blender 3.2 with beautiful reflections settings working, I export the same project from Blender 3.3 and quite a few of the materials are changed and the beautiful reflections are all gone.

I am using PBR materials but for some reason, they are not exporting properly.

I cannot really put this into the “Bug” reports because this is centered around an ‘Addon Exporter’ for glTF-2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. But odd that the colors and reflections arent handled the same. Perhaps the Nodes for Materials has changed?

What it should look like, with reflections…
Note all the mirrored reflections along the side of the fuselage.

Inspect how textures were packed before and after, gltf packs Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic into RGB (they also called ORM textures because of that order). Maybe order is incorrect somewhere.

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