What about parallax and particles system?

hi , i notice that parralax occlusion (wich is a big part of any real time engine on the market right now)
is missing from blender eevee …

will it be part of code quest ?? and will cycles displacement be automatically converted to eevee parallax??? this could be so convenient !

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It’s interesting question! I connect to your question. And particle system! I tired to wait when something happen, for example, we need sprite particles for fast smoke, fire, rain etc…
I hope developers will implement it how it was in blender internal at least.

Thanks for the suggestion, but this kind of feature request really belongs on https://rightclickselect.com/.

Certainly some type of displacement support for Eevee would be useful.

well to be true im concerned about grass à lot , and a way to convert foliages from cycles to simple 2D tricks like any other real time engines work