Web-based writing/translating editor that ANYONE can contribute

Hi. Just like the title says, this topic is about making Blender manual editing system more easy, just like wikipedia. Users should be able to edit and translate the Blender manual directly in the web browser.

I’m a big fan of Blender and have tried to make translated manual written in Korean. However, as a normal user, I found it extremely difficult to use such tools as Poedit, SVN, etc… Although I finally figured out how to upload those translated .po files and contribute to the Blender manual, this complicated process makes barriers to those who want to participate in documentation tasks.

Would this idea ever be possible?

P.S. Please tell me if this is the wrong category for this kind of topic.

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AFAIK blender will use or will try to use his own hosted weblate to make cooperative translations, for already make .po file one other kroatian user/translator was poke directly Bastien Montagne in blender.chat to include his translation file in blender 2.81

@Blendify has been working on setting up a weblate service. He can give you more info on what the current status is for that project.


While we would love to have some way to edit the manual online. The issue is there is no easy to implement solution that would work with our current system. We would like to keep for the reasons we left the original media wiki.

For translations, we are going to implement the web based translation service, Weblate.
For an up to date status on the development on this see this design task:

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We would like to keep for the reasons we left the original media wiki.

Can you post a link to that section?

The information was removed from the current manual but have a look at https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BM/browse/trunk/blender_docs/manual/about/migration.rst;1804 for why we moved away from the wiki.