VSE strip previews

Strange, are you sure no merge conflict markers were left when doing the merge ?

Can you try this :

  • checkout revision 9d34a9d
  • check that you can build this revision successfully
  • apply the patch (if there are any errors or warnings, post them here)
  • build again

I’m generally ok with this (squash the waveform and draw text above it), the only objection I see is that you lose precious vertical space to show a label that may be unhelpful (people often just have the audio clip that corresponds to the video clip, with very little ambiguity)

i’m sure that doing it the exact same way as you’re doing it with the thumbnails would be perfect.

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Unless you are doing extremely basic video editing, you are always going to have various additional audio tracks for background music and sound effects that all run parallel to your video tracks.
Personally, I do a lot of lipsync work for games, and I find myself juggling with tons of short voice snippets in the sequencer. I constantly need to know the file names and exact amplitudes of all of them.

I agree.

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Very cool and usefull developement !! Would love to have it 1

Most other NLEs aloocate name space above the Thumbnail/waveform.
Thumbs/waves can be toggled shut/collapsed to preserve vertical space. But the name is always apparent, although I cannot think of any apps that bother showing the path as well as the asset name?

Yeah, showing the entire asset path on every strip is definitely a bit much. It’s especially pointless when the path is way longer than the strip itself which is often the case.

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If its so important to a user perhaps the path could appear as a tooltip? As it stands you cannot copy the path from timeline anyway so its only for reference.

Have there been any updates on the patch recently?

This would be great to get out into the 2.8 release, the VSE has had quite a lot of good updates and this would be the icing on the cake!


Unfortunately I haven’t had time to improve this patch.
Some level of refactoring is in progress in the VSE code, maybe I’ll have another go when the code is more stable (for instance after D3934 is merged).


Looking forward to testing it out!

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maybe I’ll have another go when the code is more stable (for instance after D3934 is merged).

It’s in the main branch now!



Does this include any of the strip preview code? More specifically, the waveform preview plus audio filename?
Someone needs to tell me. I am unable to read any of this code. (Let alone write code.)

@Gabs this is only the cache code, @mathers mentioned that they would hopefully get to work on the strip preview code again once this code was committed.

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Awesome !
This is great news. Unfortunately I won’t have time to do another round before a few weeks, but I’ll definitely give it another go.
Another great thing that was a pleasant surprise to me : the scale of the audio waveform in the sequencer is now linked to the strip’s audio volume !


Unfortunately, this patch doesn’t seem to be able to merge with master anymore.

what a tragic story!

Well, somebody fix it then.

What is the issue? Why isn’t it merging? A lot has changed in the API for the VSE just recently, maybe something broke.

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I hope it gets noticed and that someone is willing to fix this