Volumetric World settings in 2.90 not working?

Hmmm. Looks like the principled volume node is broken for World settings in 2.90. Works fine in 2.83.

EDIT: Appears to be a bug… reported as such.


Did you try removing “density” from the Density Attribute field? I have what appears to be the same issue as you but I’m able to work around it by clearing that field. I found that workaround in a 2.83 bug report. Despite that one being marked as fixed the workaround helped me.

If you remove the density, then the volumetric has no effect. This has been posted and confirmed as a bug.

Well, yeah, you gotta plug something in. I used one of the noise nodes. Someone else claimed they got it to work with an Attribute node containing “density” but I don’t know if I believe that one.

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