ViewPort render animation is slow

As far as I understand, the “view --> viewport render animation” option is meant to replace the “render --> opengl render” option from 2.7. But why is the newer one SO much slower? I mean the new viewport isn’t that much slower than the old one so it must be a problem with the capturing/saving process.
The difference is extremely noticeable on my machine ryzen 1700 gtx 1060.
Like in 2.79 it renders nearly real-time and in 2.8 it takes half a second for a frame. I can understand that eevee renders more samples while rendering than in the viewport, but the normal viewport is much slower as well.
This is a serious issue as people used to use the opengl render to preview animations that are to complex to play well in the viewport. Waiting half an hour just for a viewport preview slows this workflow down a ton!
Can this please be fixed or can someone at least give an insight about why the new viewport render option is so extremely slow? Does it do some sort of heavy anti-aliasing?!